The Glyn Learning Foundation


“Governors are knowledgeable and supportive and are provided with good quality information with which they monitor and challenge the work of the school.” Danetree Ofsted 2012


The GLF ‘governance’

The GLF has a board of directors which has established a Local Governing Body (LGB) for Glyn and an LGB for Danetree with delegated powers. Other schools joining the GLF will have their individual governance structure examined on a school-by-school basis depending on the circumstances of the school as it converts to a GLF academy.


Members of the GLF Board of Directors:  
Chair Denis Ward
Vice Chair Neil Davies
Company Secretary Stella Lawton
Parent Director Jackie Adams
Director (temp) Paul Carpenter
Director Jon Chaloner
Director Jack Mayhew
Director (temp) David Moss
Clerk Joanna Lee


Other directors may be appointed in due course as the GLF expands.