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French Residential Trip 2017

Monday 25th September 2017
The Journey to France!

After the short journey to the port (and a delay to the ferry) we made it to Chateau du Broutel. Our coach drivers are so friendly and told us about the historical aspects of the villages as we travelled through the countryside.

When we arrived our amazing group leaders site and rooms. We are really lucky to all be in the same block together and the rooms are nice and clean. Mr Mundy is really happy as he has not one, but two mirrors to do his hair in the morning!

After a huge dinner of bavette and poulet (with the mandatory pomme frite!) the we all settled down for the night.

Jack and Ben




Tuesday 26th September 2017
The activities begin!

This was our first full day of activities on the site. It is such a great place to be and our group leaders are so nice. Today we got to try the zip wire, archery, rifle shooting, paddleboarding, raft building and also a 'blind treature trail'. Everyone does the same acativites during the week so we all  get to have a go at each activity.

The meals we have here are really nice. Breakfast lunch and dinner always leave us really full.  So full up sometimes, that we do not have room to eat sweets afterwards!

Take a look at the bottom of this page to see the groups taking part in their activities on day 2!

Lucy and Ellie



Wedensday 27th September 2017
Visit to the Somme

We had to get up a little earlier today as we were visiting the Somme. After a coach journey of around 1.5hrs we made it to our first location.

This was the museum where we learnt all about the weapons and also clothing that was worn during the war. It was really cool going into the trenches. We then visited the memorials and cemetaries where people lost their lives. It was really a time to reflect and remember. Mrs Whitty read us the poem 'In Flanders Field' before we then visited a Canadian cemetary on the way home.

A huge dinner followed and also a campfire where we had marshmellows. We were then all tired so we went to bed! We are looking forward to more activities tomorrow.

Leo and Ethan


Thursday 28th September 2017
The activities continue!



Friday 29th September 2017
Homeward bound!

We spent today visiting the local village and even went to the local shops to buy some presents for our families. The teacher made us use some the French we had learnt in school with Mrs Rawlins. It was difficult! Afer walking around the village we went back to the chateaux to travel home. The coaches were all packed when we arrived and we set off, waving goodbye to the amazing team leaders we have been with during the week.

The ferry crossing was smooth and as we got on early, we had a whole lounge area to ourselves! As we drove back to school we were sad to leave, but also happy to see our families again and share with them the presents we had bought for them earlier in the shops.

It has been a great trip from start to end and we will all be telling the current Year 5 children to go next year as it is a really good experience! Au revoir!

Fran and Owen


Group Pictures (Taken on Thursday)
Group 6 - Miss Plant & Mrs McDonald  
Group 7 - Miss Knight & Mrs Tribe  
Group 8 - Mrs Collins & Mr Mundy  
Group 9 - Mrs Whitty  
Group 10 - Mr Hopkins  
Group 11 - Mrs Roberts