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Enrichment Opportunities at Danetree

At Danetree, we offer our children a lot more than just our Cornerstones Curriculum. Our Enrichment programme throughout the year help the children develop their interests and abilities, providing valuable learning experiences outside the classroom. This in turn promotes their independence and social skills. 

Enrichment Map

Enrichment Map

Gardens and Grounds Projects

Each child at Danetree has the opportunity, throughout the year, to take part in activities to develop our School Quad. The children learn gardening skills through planting seeds, weeding or harvesting produce. As well as this have the opportunity to sketch wildlife, understand how food goes from field to fork and learn how to attract more birds and insects into our outdoor environment


At Danetree we provide children with a wide range of extra-curricular activities. There really is something for everyone from Yoga, Card making to Catching to Flag! Clubs are led by class teachers and a number of outside companies. During Covid-19, teachers are offering a number of catch up clubs for their classes which are designed to plug gaps formed during lockdown in knowledge in a fun exciting way for children.


French is introduced for all children at the beginning of Year 3 and progressed over the four years the children are at Danetree.  The emphasis is on oral activities, but the children will develop the oracy and literacy skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing a foreign language, through a variety of activities including songs, puppet work, role play, games and reading and writing stories. These aim to develop confidence and enjoyment of learning a foreign language, as well as enabling children to communicate in French.

Global Learning

Through Global learning lessons, children develop an understanding and knowledge of the world we live in, reflecting on and discussing what it means to be a responsible global citizen and considering issues that affect the whole world. Contacts with “real” children and schools in other countries are developed through collaborative projects with partner schools.  We currently have a link with a Bangladeshi school, are about to start a link with an Australian school and hope to have links with France and Kenya. 

Current Affairs

Our Current Affairs lessons aim to foster an interest in and awareness of what is happening in the world around us and how children can find out about that. From Year 3 to 6 children compare sources of news using CBBC Newsround and the children’s weekly newspaper “First News”. Topical issues are discussed and explored and children participate in a News Quiz of the Week. 

To view slides regarding the EU Referendum, please click here


Please click on the link below to see the further enrichment opportunities, including trips and educational visits we offer at Danetree.

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