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Safeguarding Statement and DSL List

At Danetree, we take safeguarding very seriously. If you have any concerns, please report them to one our Designated Safeguarding Leads.

Designated Safeguarding Lead:

  • Mrs J Singleton


Deputy Designated Safeguarding Leads:

  • Mr J Broad
  • Mrs R Clement
  • Miss H Owens


Safeguarding Governor:

  • Mrs J Jeffcoat


GLF Schools Designated Safeguarding Lead:

  • Mr M Leach


Safe School, Safe Staff

We will ensure that:

All members of the governing body understand and fulfil their responsibilities, namely to ensure that:

  • there is a Child Protection policy together with a staff behaviour (code of conduct) policy
  • that GLF Schools operates safer recruitment procedures by ensuring that there is at least one person on every recruitment panel that has completed Safer Recruitment training
  • GLF Schools has procedures for dealing with allegations of abuse against staff and volunteers and to make a referral to the DBS if a person in regulated activity has been dismissed or removed due to safeguarding concerns, or would have had they not resigned.
  • a senior leader in each school has Lead Designated Child Protection Officer (DCPO) responsibility
  • on appointment, the DCPOs undertake interagency training (SSCB Modules 1&2) and also undertake DCPO ‘New to Role’ and the ‘Update’ Course every 2 years
  • all other staff have Safeguarding training updated as appropriate
  • any weaknesses in Child Protection are remedied immediately
  • a member of the Governing Body, usually the Chair, is nominated to liaise with the LA on Child Protection issues and in the event of an allegation of abuse made against the Executive Headteacher, the Headteacher or the Head of School
  • Child Protection policies and procedures are reviewed annually and that the Child Protection policy is available on each school website or by other means
  • the Local Governing Body considers how children may be taught about safeguarding. This may be part of a broad and balanced curriculum covering relevant issues through personal social health and economic education (PSHE) and/or for maintained schools through sex and relationship education (SRE).
  • that enhanced DBS checks are in place for all GLF Chairs of Governors


The Lead DCPO in each school is a member of the Senior Leadership Team. There will also be at least one Deputy Designated Child Protection Officer. These Officers have undertaken the compulsory training delivered through the SSCB (2 days), or by an approved external training provider, and, upon appointment will undertake ‘DCPO New to Role’ training followed by biannual updates.

The DCPO’s who are involved in recruitment and at least one member of the local governing body will also complete Safer Recruitment Training to be renewed every 5 years

All members of staff and volunteers are provided with child protection awareness information at induction, including in their arrival pack, the school safeguarding statement so that they know who to discuss a concern with.

All members of staff are trained in and receive regular updates in e-safety and reporting concerns.

All other staff and governors, have child protection awareness training, updated by the DCPO as appropriate, to maintain their understanding of the signs and indicators of abuse.

All members of staff, volunteers, and governors know how to respond to a pupil who discloses abuse through delivery of the Awareness Raising pack.

All parents/carers are made aware of the responsibilities of staff members with regard to child protection procedures through publication of the school’s Child Protection Policy.

Our lettings policy will seek to ensure the suitability of adults working with children on school sites at any time.

Community users organising activities for children are aware of the school’s child protection guidelines and procedures.

We will ensure that child protection type concerns or allegations against adults working in the school are referred to the LADO[1] for advice, and that any member of staff found not suitable to work with children will be notified to the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS)[2] for consideration for barring, following resignation, dismissal, or when we cease to use their service as a result of a substantiated allegation, in the case of a volunteer.

Our procedures will be regularly reviewed and up-dated.

The name of the designated members of staff for Child Protection, the Designated Child Protection Officers, will be clearly advertised in the school, with a statement explaining the school’s role in referring and monitoring cases of suspected abuse. The DCPO’s for each school will be listed in the front of the policy.

All new members of staff will be given a copy of the GLF Safeguarding Statement, and child protection policy, with the DCPOs’ names clearly displayed for the appropriate school, as part of their induction into the school.

The policy is available publicly both on the GLF website and on each school website. Parents/carers are made aware of this policy and their entitlement to have a copy of it via the school website/handbook/newsletter.

[1] LADO Local Authority Designated Officer for allegations against staff. AEO Area Education Officer or Duty LADO via 0300 200 1006.

[2] Contact the LADO for guidance in any case