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Year 4 Residential March 2017

Day 1

We have had an exciting afternoon arriving at Marchants Hill and it's finally stopped raining!!! We have all taken part in two activities, ranging from the giant swing to archery to raft building. The teachers have been very impressed with all children getting involved. We checked into our rooms at 5.00 which were lovely! Then we went to dinner at 5.45 and had a wide variety of choices. Some of us had pizza and some had pork with vegetables! We even had jam doughnuts for pudding! We are looking forward to our camp fire later and will keep everyone updated tomorrow! Let's hope we all sleep well tonight ready for another fun filled day!

Please keep checking twitter for photos and updates of our achievements.


We're off

coach photo



MH 1





Day 2

Despite a rather chatty and excitable night...Day two begun by an early wake up call for Miss Cudd. She was sung to by 99 happy campers to start the birthday celebrations.  We headed off to breakfast at 7.30am where we were treated to a lovely cooked breakfast or a variety of toast and cereals. Once breakfast was finished we popped back to our cabins to wrap up warm for the adventures ahead. Groups 1-4 had raft building where we constructed a raft and battled on the lake to earn points. Congratulations to Mr Coslett's group who stole the crown by a single point. Groups 4- 9 enjoyed a range of activities from orienteering, zip wire and aero ball which were enjoyed by all!

We've just popped back to our cabins for a quick warm up and a 5 minute rest before heading back to the dining room for some yummy lunch. I wonder what we'll have?

how to build a raft

23.3.2017 raft

23.03.2017 rafting 2

23.03 zip wire

23.317 in the water

23.3.2017 raft


23.3.17 waiting

23.3.17 swing

23.3.17 ready

24.3.17  - 1

24.3.17 - 2

24.3.17 - 3

24.3.17 - 4

24.3.17 - 5

24.3.17 - 6

This afternoon we enjoyed our second set of activities. Groups 5-8 did raft building and groups 1-4 took part in abseiling, zip wire and orienteering. We were all SO proud of the children for how they all took part and gave every activity a go, despite the cold weather. For dinner we had a range of choices including meatballs and stroganoff, followed by doughnuts!
Before we knew it we were putting on our dancing shoes and heading to the gym for our evening activity... the eagerly awaited disco. The children boogied on down, did the limbo and sung their hearts out.
They are all now settled in their rooms and unsurprisingly sleepy due to the cheeky midnight feasts they devoured last night. Let's hope they are bright eyed and bushy tailed when we wake them to start packing at 6.30am!

Day 3

24.3.17 - 7

24.3.17 - 8

24.3.17 - 9

24.3.17 - 10

24.3.17 -11

24.3.17 - 12

27.03.17 - raft build 1

27.03.17 - raft build 2

27.03.17 - raft build 3

27.03.17 - raft build 4

27.03.17 raft build 5

27.03.17 raft build 6

28.03.17 raft build 7

27.03.17 - 8

27.03.17 - 9

27.03.17 - 10

27.03.17 - 11

27.03.17 - 12

27.03.17 - 13

27.03.17 - 14

27.03.17 - 15

27.03.17 - 16