The Glyn Learning Foundation

Year 4 Residential March 2018

Day 1

After a short and traffic free journey we arrived at Marchants Hill safe and sound. We quickly met our group leaders, Mark and Gabi, and we given a quick tour of the campus. After tucking into lunch, Mark ran some fun parachute games whilst the teachers spoke to Gabi about the coming days.

Next we tucked into our lunch and relaxed in the sun on the cricket pitch. At 2 o'clock, it was time for our first activity. Some groups started with Buggy build, whilst others tackled the Jacobs ladder straight away. We quickly learnt that to be successful we needed to work as a team and it was really lovely to see us all working with children from other classes. We’re off to dinner now and then we’ll have some free time in our rooms to unpack before we head off to our evening activity... robot wars!

Let’s hope we all get some sleep before a fun filled packed day tomorrow!

      Photo 3               Photo 2                     Photo 1

We'll put up lots more photos tomorrow, including ones of all the groups!

Day 2

After a good sleep, the children awoke looking forward to a busy, activity-filled day ahead. The breakfast was amazing (sausages, bacon, beans, toast, grilled tomatoes, yoghurt, porridge, fruit and a range of cereals). With full stomachs, we all set off to take part in a range of activities. On the list today there was so much to keep us busy: Giant Swings, Buggy Builds, Trapeze, Zip Wires, Challenge Courses, Jacob's Ladders and Orienteering.

Lunchtime came around quickly as were having so much fun! Soup, rolls, salad, fruit and baguettes with cheese, ham, tuna or salad and crisps ensured we again had enough energy to take part in the afternoons activities.

After spending some time in our rooms, we were able to visit the PGL shop where we spent our pocketmoney on a range of items to take home and share with our families. There was no time to waste though- we had to go back to our rooms again to get ready for the evenings events and also dinner.

Next up tonight... the disco! We'll let you know how it went in the morning!

Group 1 on the Giant Swing (Miss Cudd)


Group 2 before the Trapeze (Miss Bowden)

Photo 1 (1)

Group 3 warming up for their Challenge Course (Miss Bullock)


Group 4 about to abseil down the side of the tower (Mrs Dibble)


Group 5 during the Zip Wire - with Marie at the top! (Miss Reeve)


Group 6 about to climb the hights of the Zip Wire (Mrs Smith / Mr Hopkins)


Group 7 before the Zip Wire (Miss Prosser)


Group 8 after creating their Buggy (Mrs Rawlins)



After an hours free time in our rooms we headed towards the diner for our second evening meal. We had a choice of bolognaise, a mushroom stroganoff or a pork casserole and enjoyed a jam sponge cake for pudding! Once dinner was over we had some time to get ourselves glammed up and ready for the disco. It was lovely for the teachers to see how much everyone enjoyed getting ready together and helping each other prepare. We then headed to the disco where we danced for an hour to our favourite songs. We particularly enjoyed ‘5,6,7,8’ where we showed the PGL members our line dancing skills. (Check twitter for a short clip!)

Photo 1 (2)     Photo 2 (1)     Photo 3 (1)

Photo 4     Photo 5

After this we went back to our rooms to pack and get ready for our final two activities in the morning. 
We’ve had a really busy day but have had lots of fun! Let’s see what tomorrow brings. 

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Day 3

The children slept well last night after a full day of activities (as did the teachers!) Mrs Smith was thoroughly enjoying her first residential as Headteacher at Danetree and was even the first person to go on the zip wire!

We all started the day with an amazaing breakfast, before heading off to our final two activities before lunchtime. The rain may have been falling, but this did not stop us having a great time! We were slipping and sliding our way around the challenge course, navigating our way through the woods during orienteering and some children were even heard abseiling down the tower singing 'I'm Singing in the rain, just singing in the rain, what a glorious feeling, I'm happy again! We currently about to sit down for some lunch and then we'll be making our way home.



*Parents please note, children are to be collected from the school hall when we return and not where the coaches drop us off. Teachers need to register children and ensure they all have the correct bags before they leave. We will keep lost property in school, so if your chlidren are missing any clothes (or indeed have picked up some extra items of clothing during the trip!) these will be avaliable from the school office tomorrow morning. Thank you.