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Pupil Parliament


At Danetree we actively promote pupil leadership opportunities, enabling your child to develop valuable communication and organisation skills.

We believe that providing pupils with key roles of responsibility is paramount to their development and learning experience.

Our successful Pupil Parliament is a well-respected body within the school and consists of pupils between Years 3 and 6. There are two divisions of the parliament: Behaviour & Safety and Learning.  Children involved in our Pupil Parliament meet regularly to discuss topics, issues and initiatives that affect them and their learning environment. As part of their responsibilities, the team organise their own meetings, decide on an agenda, share new ideas and vote on a number of school-related issues.  Actions from each meeting are shared with the rest of the school on a regular basis.  Pupils relish the opportunity to become a greater part of school life and enjoy making their voices heard. 


During the last academic year, Pupil Parliament contributed to the fund raising and development of:
* New MUGA for sporting activities
* New playground equipment
* Their new notice board in the Year 6 corridor
* Designing and deliving leaflets to our neighbours about safe parking around the surronding school roads
* Graphical designs of our new Early Years building flyers (which were shared with local MP's and even the Mayor!)
Since we have returned from the summer break, Pupil Parliament have delivered an assembly on anti-bullying and also created a leaflet that can be seen around the school and has also been sent out to all parents and carers of children at Danetree through parentmail.


Behaviour and Safety Update Spring 2 2018


Behaviour and Safety

Since September, Pupil Parliament have been busy implementing changes that will benefit the whole school community. We begun the year by identifying our priorities and creating action plans as to how we would move forward. 


What we have achieved so far:


Please click here to see our impact evaluation from this year 



Learning and Enrichment Spring 2 2018


Learning and Enrichment

Since September, Pupil Parliament have been busy discussing how we can develop our speaking and listening skills across the school. We have been researching ways we can do this in a fun and innovative way, involving the whole school.


Pupil Parliament came to the decision to create their own school radio station that will be played in our WOW assemblies fortnightly.  A member of each class, will be chosen to record what they have enjoyed the most about their learning over the course of two weeks.


What we have achieved so far:

Our radio station name: The children went away and asked their classes to think of memorable names for their radio station. We then had a vote in our meeting to decide on the winning name ‘3D FM - Danetree’s Digital Discussion’.


A trip to radio Jackie: The Learning and Enrichment team went on an exciting trip to Radio Jackie where they learnt some creative top tips on how to engage an audience through the use of their voice and tone. In addition to this, they learnt how to engage listeners by paying attention to the structure of their piece using links, teasers and the use of flip flopping.


Making our theme tune: The pupil Parliament got together to create their theme tune on ‘Garage Band’ with Miss Greenhalf (our music teacher). They used a series of loops to create a layered textured composition. After sharing all compositions and ideas, the Pupil Parliament chose the winning entry.


What are we hoping to achieve next?

We are hoping to launch our radio station soon and update our weekly discussions to our website for everyone to listen to.  


Below are a few pictures of the children on the radio Jackie trip and attached is the winning theme tune








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