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At Danetree, we actively promote pupil leadership opportunities, enabling the children to develop valuable communication and organisation skills.

We believe that providing pupils with key roles of responsibility is paramount to their development and learning experience.

Our successful Pupil Parliament is a well-respected body within the school and consists of pupils from Years 2 to 6. 

Anyone can apply to be a member of Parliament. Members are voted in by their class peers after giving a short presentation.

What are the aims of the Pupil Parliament?

– Represent all pupils and include as many people as possible.

– Take time to listen to all pupils and communicate their views.

– Feedback to pupils about what happened about their views.

– Action decisions that have been made or explain why they can’t happen.

What is the structure of the Danetree Pupil Parliament?

The Pupil Parliament is structured much like the government as it is made up of different sub-committees.  Each of these committees is designed to have a specific focus on improving Danetree Primary School. A member of staff leads each committee half termly.


We have 4 different committees:


Eco Committee – One pupil from each class in Year 2 to 6.


Curriculum Team – One pupil from each class in Year 1 to 6.


Travel Ambassadors – Eight pupils from Year 6.


Wellbeing Champions – One from each class in Year 3 to 6.


The committees meet together termly as one full body- this is currently done virtually due to covid restrictions.

Key highlights from the committees this term



Main Discussion/Action Points

Autumn Term


Eco Committee

Recycling monitors to be appointed in every classroom.

Ask the PTA  if they need help with the quad development

Litter picking around the school

Ask for donations of old wellies, plant trees in them and sell them.

Collect recyclable things to make some artwork

Prizes for bringing in the most bottle tops

Curriculum Team

Choose texts that children would like to read in reading/generally

In Science give an overview of learning and then children come up with questions

In Literacy, choose when ready for hot write

Maths to be more exciting, questions could be more challenging-jazz up. More practical exploration in maths. Mix up question style

More creativity in topic lessons

More independence in topic work

Equal mix of geography/history etc

Travel Ambassadors

Children to collectively write a letter to the council asking  them to consider a zebra crossing on Danetree Road. 

Members patrol outside during drop off and pick up awarding cars with ‘reward certificates’ (on windscreen) thanking them for parking safely.

Letter to council to consider dustbin collection not at school drop/off pick up times to ease congestion. 

Wellbeing Champions

People have an opportunity to share problems with others so they have someone to talk to.

Sometimes children don't know where to get help - maybe work on signposting children to get help.

Make the Harbour open to everyone

Pupil wellbeing champions


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