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From Nursery through to Year 6, the Cornerstones Curriculum is followed.

Using a detailed coverage checker to ensure that all National Curriculum requirements are met throughout their time with us at Danetree, our children learn through topics such as 'Why do ladybirds have spots?' in Reception to 'Off with her head!' in Year 5. These topics alongside Literacy learning, link Art and Design, DT, some elements of Geography, History, Computing skills and Science knowledge, through engaging and memorable experiences.

The Cornerstones Curriculum is progressive, so skills that are introduced in Early Years will be built upon and developed in Key Stage 1 and extended and refined further in Key Stage 2.

The children are very proud of their display Topic books where they showcase their learning.

To further support Science learning, the children enjoy an additional strand from the Cornerstones Curriculum which specifically focuses on developing Science skills called 'Love to Investigate'. Each half term, an investigation is undertaken over a period of time which enables children to rehearse their predicting, recording results, concluding and evaluating through practical investigations often undertaken in our Phiz Lab.

Current Affairs, Global Learning, French, PE, PSHE, Music and RE are taught separately from Cornerstones, but links are made to topics where possible. Again, these subjects progressively build children's learning and skills across the Key Stages.




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