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At Danetree, Science is a crucial subject for nurturing children’s natural curiosity and it encourages them to develop the skills they need to answer those intriguing questions. We aim to inspire and cultivate the next generation of scientists, by empowering our pupils to bring about positive change and to help to protect the future generations to come.

Science is taught weekly at Danetree following a comprehensive scheme by 'Plan' which ensures coverage of both knowledge and skills. Children are taught the necessary scientific knowledge and understanding of concepts and are then provided the opportunity to discover for themselves through investigation. Children are taught a variety of enquiry types throughout the year and working scientifically skills are embedded throughout their lessons. 

We're fortunate enough to have a Phizz Lab here at Danetree and children visit this weekly to conduct their scientific investigations. The lab is bursting with equipment just waiting for them to use in a safe, spacious environment.

British Science week is held every year and as a school we celebrate by holding a Science Fair competition where children partake in conducting a scientific experiment of their choosing. These projects are always very impressive and the rest of the school, including parents and carers, get the opportunity to visit the children's work and find out some interesting facts!

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