The Glyn Learning Foundation

Nursery Session Times

To keep in line with the Danetree school day, our nursery sessions timings will be as follows:


Morning session (Not available in Butterflies Class) - 15 Hours

8:50am - 11:55am Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday

8:50am - 11:30am Wednesday


Monday & Tuesday all day and Wednesday morning - 15 Hours

8:50am - 3:00pm Monday & Tuesday

8:50am - 11:30am Wednesday


Wednesday afternoon and Thursday & Friday all day - 15 Hours

12:20pm - 3:00pm Wednesday

8:50am - 3:00pm Thursday & Friday


Monday to Friday - 30 Hours

8:50am - 3:00pm Monday-Thursday

8:50am - 2:10pm Friday*

* We do offer the option to stay in the Nursery until 3pm each Friday at an additional charge, agreed half-termly in advance.