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Please note - all home learning for Year 6 is under the Home Learning Tab

Remote learning is where the pupil and the teacher are not physically present in a traditional classroom environment. The teacher provides the learning through live lessons and remote learning slides. The child watches, and/or listens, and then attempts the activity. The work is submitted and the teacher then checks it, giving the appropriate guidance to encourage the child's learning. 

This school year is like no other, and we need to embrace our vision more than ever - Inspire, Challenge and Achieve Together. We trust that this section of the website supports our families in accessing our remote provision. However, well being calls are made to those that are not on line learning each day- if we can be of further support, please do update our wellbeing team during the telephone call. 

Since January 2021, we have supported our pupils with chromebooks purchased by the school. This has enabled our online lessons to move to that of ‘live remote’ teaching and has therefore enabled access to education through the technology provided. We are proud of the progress made and continually strive to ensure we have all pupil's actively engaged in learning during this time.


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Remote Learning Offer

This details the remote learning provided for children during a full Lockdown but also when children are required to isolate when the school is open.


Timeline for Remote Learning

This details how the remote learning offer has been adapted and developed throughout the Pandemic to reflect and meet the Government expectations


Remote Learning Policy

This explains how the school is aiming to engage all pupils in the Remote Learning Offer


Pupils Code of Conduct

To ensure pupils stay safe online 


Remote Learning Survey Results 

Feedback from Parents and Carers


SEN policy Addendum

A policy addendum outlining arrangements in place to support SEND children while the school operates during the COVID-19 period.


Catch up fund plan

Detailed explanation on how we have allocated our catch-up funding.



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