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Year 5 Residential March 2022

Wednesday 23rd March

Well, Year Five have well and truly settled into our residential! After arriving at Marchants Hill this morning, we enjoyed our lunch in the glorious sunshine and took part in a few games on the sports field to get us ready for the fun ahead!


Our groups split off into different parts of the site to begin our fun adventures! Groups 1, 2, 3 and 4 got to work building their own rafts from wooden poles, rope and plastic barrels; they even learnt how to do some pretty complicated knots to keep the rafts together. Most groups built a fanatic raft and manage to stay afloat for a while on the lake, paddling in different directions and working as a team. However, for group one, it was over very quickly and they soon fell into the water!! After that, they headed off to complete a spot of orienteering in the woods - it was great to see their sense of direction and leadership emerge! 


Groups 5 and 6 headed over for a spot of archery followed by the very tall, but very exciting, zip wire! The children loved trying to hit the bullseye on the target, but Mr Diffley missed every single shot! Every child was so brave on the zip wire, and they were amazing at their landing on the other side!! 


We have not long had our dinner of chicken in BBQ sauce and bacon Mac ‘n’ cheese alongside potatoes, veg and unlimited fruit and veg. We also had a lovely piece of chocolate crispy cake for pudding with as much squash as we wanted! We are on to our evening activity and are currently waiting to play ‘splash’: a series of mini games where teams are working towards one goal!


Until tomorrow,


Year 5









Thursday 24th March

Wow, what a busy day we’ve had here at Marchants Hill. This morning, after our early morning wake up call from the teachers we got ourselves dressed for the day ahead and wandered down to the diner. A hearty breakfast of sausages, bacon, eggs, mushrooms and beans was enjoyed to set ourselves up for the busy day ahead. It was fair to say there were quite a few sleepy faces over the breakfast table but they soon perked up once we heard our jam-packed timetable for the day. Groups 1-4 enjoyed a range of sporty activities in the sun this morning, whilst groups 5 and 6 braved the trapeze and a spot of orienteering in the woodland. We were so impressed by the children’s perseverance and how well they navigated through their new surroundings. Soon it was time for our second round of activities where  we enjoyed rock climbing and the trapeze! We feel immensely proud of how the children tackled these new experiences and gave them ago even when they weren’t feeling super confident to begin with. We loved counting down as the children took a huge leap of faith into the air and down, off a 25ft pole! For lunch we had an array of fresh baguettes, salad and fruit to enjoy. It’s fair to say that by now we had some very hungry children! This afternoon we visited the onsite shop, which as you can imagine, was a super exciting time. Souvenirs, memorabilia and sweet treats were enjoyed by all! Throughout the afternoon there were plenty more opportunities to push ourselves out of our comfort zone. You will be able to see photos of our day on instagram! We have had a yummy dinner of roast chicken, potatoes and veggies alongside some delicious crumble with custard! We are just off to our final evening entertainment of our trip, for a relaxing evening of songs around the campfire! I’m sure we’ll all sleep well tonight! Over and out!