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Year 6 Residential June 2022


After a 3 hour jouney to Osmington Bay, we finally reached the sea and the sun was shining! No rain for us! We began the afternoon by checking into our rooms in Bats Head and unpacking. We were then greeted by our PGL leader, Hannah, who is with us for the rest of the week. She took us on a tour around the area where we found the shop, the dining hall and the meeting points. We then had some free time where some of played football and others admited the amazing views. We had our viist to the shop at 5.45 and spent all of our money on even more sweets. At 6.45 we made our way to the dining hall for our dinner slot. We got to choose from bbq chicken, sausage and mash or tomato pasta. We even had a delicious jam doughnut for pudding. For our evenig activity we were let loose around the camp site to find different locations to complete the photo challenge. We found the basketball court, abseil towers, raft lake and Little Wembley. 

Let's hope we all sleep well tongiht ready for a jam packed day tomorrow. Please check Instagram and Twitter for all pictures throughout the coming days as we are having troubles with wifi and uploading pictures onto the website.

Over and out.


After a late night, we were awoken by Miss Bullock at 7.30 banging pots and pans. How lucky were we? Thankfully the children saw the funny side of it! We began the day by filling our tummies with a hearty breakfast. We were so lucky with the amount of options we had; sausages, hashbrowns, toast, cereals, fruit, yoghurts! Once we had eaten as much as we could, we made our way down to Little Wembley for our first activity of the day 'Wacky Races'. We worked together in teams to complete a variety of relay races, including dribbling with hockey sticks and bouncing on space hoppers. It's safe to say we certainly had a laugh! After this Group 1 and 2 made thier way to Jacob's Ladder, whilst Group 3 headed to Survivor. Miss Cudd and Miss Bullock were so impressed with how hard all of the children worked togehter, using their knees, arms and ropes to support each other in getting higher and higher. The words of encouragement for one another was so endearing! The children were so resilient and conquered many fears, so well done! Group 3 enjoyed learning life long skills including how to make a fire and how to build a tent.  After all of this, we had certainly worked up another apperite, so we headed back to the canteen and had hot dogs and chips for lunch. Yes.. another sausage, not that we were complaining. Once we had eaten our lunch we all headed to our activities for the afternoon. Groups 1 and 2 left by coach to Portland Bill to complete their rafting activites. We had such fun building the rafts, learning how to tie ropes and then most importantly seeing if they floated. Thankfully they did, however we didn't manage to stay dry! Following games led by our group leaders, we all got very wet indeed. Check out instagram for our pictures / video! Group 3 spent their afternoon doing archery and fencing - both activities that many of us haven't done before so thoroughly enjoyed. Miss Cudd, Miss Bullock, Mrs Tribe and Mrs Prosser thought that surely some of the children would be tired by now and want a rest before dinner, but they were wrong! We headed back down to Little Wembley to play football and volleyball before heading to the diner for dinner. We had peri peri chicken and wedges with a delicious muffin for pudding.

Our evening activity tonight was spending time by the camp fire where we sang hilarious songs and did some crazy dancing. We've had a jam packed day and are sure we will all sleep well tonight.

Messages from the children:

"I really enjoyed the raft building. I loved it when the leader shook us so we all got wet. I also enjoyed learning how to tie different knots to make sure the raft was secure."

"My favourite part of today was archery - this is something I haven't done before and am keen to try again when I'm home!"

"I enjoyed the camp fire this evening, it was cosy and the songs made me laugh!"

We wonder what tomorrow will bring?



After another successful night with the children soundly sleeping until 7.45 (!) we all went to the canteen for another hearty breakfast before heading off to our first activities.

Group 1 enjoyed Streetsurfing, where they had to balance on thin boards while travelling across the area without falling off. Miss Cudd was so impressed that all of the group managed to stay on their boards for the whole activity!

Group 2 enjoyed a sunny morning of archery and learnt all about how to aim and shoot arrows. We had to be careful as there were lots of little rabbits jumping around the field too! Sadly Miss Bullock's group lost the competition and noone managed to hit the bullseye, but all the children had some chocolate coin treats to reward their best efforts.

Group 3 started the day with Buggy Building and had to be really resilient with tying the ropes and constructing the buggy before riding it in pairs. Luckily noone fell off but Miss Prosser and Mrs Tribe did almost get run over!

All the children then got back together and enjoyed a game of Passport To The World, where they had to travel around the campus to find different flags and answer questions about different countries. It was a lovely sunny morning so we all enjoyed some more time down on Little Wembly (the sandy football pitches) and we all relaxed before lunchtime.

For lunch we were all really happy to have big plates of pasta! Some of us had bolognaise, others had tomato sauce and lots of us enjoyed a slice of garlic bread too. We had many trips to the orange squash machine and felt refuled ready for the afternoon.

This afternoon the groups split off again for some more exciting activities in the sun. Group 1 enjoyed abseiling and then archery - they got very competitive and the excitement was topped off further by a lone seagull flying into the cabin! Group 2 had their bravery tested taking part on the Trapeze high jump and Abseiling tower. After lots of deep breaths, a few sweet treats for motivation and lots of cheering, the children all managed to conquer their fears. Group 3 showed some brilliant team work with their problem solving activities and also enjoyed jumping off the top of the Trapeze! The whole group were really brave and everyone managed to get to the top!

We finished off the day with some ball and frisbee games in the field, before heading back to the canteen to fill up on more food! We enjoyed the choice of chicken curry, fish cakes, chilli, rice and chips and helped ourselves to lots more from the salad bar too. 

In the evening, we took part in an active Cluedo game where we had to run around to different characters and try to figure out who had stolen the Queen's crown! We met Billy the Builder, Sergeant Sophie, Sailor Sam and many other individuals.



Our last full day! And what a day it was! Group 1 started the day with fencing. The children got all geared up and practiced their enguarde stance before putting their skills into action. We played lots of games and then ended with some mini battles. Group 2 headed off to Buggy Building and worked incredbily hard together to practice tying knots. After lots of resilience and determination they finally made their buggy out of poles and barrels. To our surprise it actually moved, however when Miss Bullock sat on it it wouldn't move which everyone found hilarious. Group 3 began their morning with abseiling where every single child in the group managed to conquer their fears and get stuck in. Miss Prosser and Mrs Tribe were so proud of their whole group.

Next, Group 1 headed off to the Problem Solving course and enjoyed solving the riddles. The children also had to balance on a giant seesaw and were successful! Group 2 thoroughly enjoyed fencing and practised the two step shuffle backwards and forwards before whipping out their foils and battling in style! Group 3 tackled Jacobs Ladder and all children worked well as a team to help each other get to the top.

For lunch today we enjoyed cheese and ham paninis with crisps and more helpings from the salad bar. We refuled ready for a whole class game of Capture the Flag where we all showed off our competitive natures to capture the other teams flags and take it to their teams side without ending up in jail.

For our final activity of the day, Group 1 made their way to the Trapeze where the children got stuck in straight away, putting on their harnesses. After all, we are all now pros! They cheered eachother on as each child took the brave leap from the top, managing to touch the floating ball. Groups 2 and 3 ended the afternoon with Street Surfing - all the children had a lot of fun trying to stay balanced on the boards. Despite some of them falling, they all got back up and persevered.

Our dinner tonight consisted of meatballs and pasta or chicken kievs with mash with a waffle for pudding. Lots of us went back for another! (The perks of being the last in the diner).

We ended the evening with a disco... an activity that we weren't expecting but were pleasantly surprised. The children were so well behaved whilst being with other schools and loved having a good old boogie. Please check our Instagram for some updates of how the evening went. We certinally ended the trip with a bang!

We have had the best week ever but are all ready to come home and see our family. We will keep parents updated tomorrow with our journey home.

See you all tomorrow.

Over and out... again!