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Name Date File Size Category  
Class re-organisation 3rd April 2020276 KB Year 3 Letters Download
Distance Learning 2nd April 2020333 KB Covid-19 Download
Coronavirus Update - Events and Trips letter 2nd April 2020298 KB Covid-19 Download
Coronavirus Update - Government's Announcement 16.3.20 2nd April 2020315 KB Covid-19 Download
Parent Pay 2nd April 2020286 KB Covid-19 Download
Key workers and FSM 2nd April 2020312 KB Covid-19 Download
Danetree School Trips 2nd April 2020314 KB Covid-19 Download
Year 6 Concerns letter 20th March 2020300 KB Year 6 Letters Download
Measles, Chicken Pox and Shingles letter 13th March 2020279 KB Whole School Letters Download
Summer Term 2020 Clubs letter 11th March 2020360 KB General Documents Download
Sports Relief letter 5th March 2020293 KB Whole School Letters Download
Trim trail letter 4th March 2020278 KB General Documents Download
Year 3 Natural History museum letter 3rd March 2020325 KB Year 3 Letters Download
Year 5 Hampton Court Palace letter 2nd March 2020336 KB Year 5 Letters Download
Year 6 Social media letter 2nd March 2020303 KB Year 6 Letters Download
Summer school dresses 2nd March 2020330 KB Whole School Letters Download
Year 4 Viking Workshop letter 26th February 2020399 KB Year 4 Letters Download
PTA Chair letter 6th February 202067 KB Whole School Letters Download
Danetree Digest Spring 2020 Edition 2 3rd February 20204 MB General Documents Download
Reception Attendance letter 24th January 2020289 KB Reception Letters Download
Danetree Digest Spring 2020 Edition 1 21st January 20204 MB General Documents Download
Improving Safety in School letter 17th January 2020340 KB Whole School Letters Download
Mental Health Award letter 13th January 2020379 KB Whole School Letters Download
Years R-6 Home Learning Schedule letter 17th December 2019326 KB Whole School Letters Download
Activity Passport Letter 24th October 2019338 KB Whole School Letters Download
Parking Reminder letter 3rd October 2019312 KB Whole School Letters Download
Danetree Primary School Ofsted Report 20th March 2019338 KB Whole School Letters Download