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Sports Day - Years 3-6 27th May 2022244 KB General Documents Download
Whole School Reminders 27th May 2022296 KB General Documents Download
Danetree Digest 27.05.2022 27th May 202244 MB General Documents Download
Year 3 Chessington World of Adventures 27th May 2022347 KB Year 3 Letters Download
Jays and Ladybirds 27th May 2022212 KB General Documents Download
Sports Week 27th May 2022245 KB Whole School Letters Download
Reception - African Drumming and Mask Workshop 19th May 2022229 KB Reception Letters Download
Think Pink Day letter 13th May 2022321 KB General Documents Download
Year 3 Virtual reality volcano experience 13th May 2022318 KB Year 3 Letters Download
Year 5 British Museum Trip 12th May 2022277 KB Year 5 Letters Download
Danetree Digest 9.5.2022 9th May 202254 MB General Documents Download
Year 1 - Afternoon Tea and Reading 6th May 2022235 KB Year 1 Letters Download
Year 1 - Phonics Screening Check 2022 6th May 2022254 KB Year 1 Letters Download
Pick-up arrangements 10th & 11th May letter 6th May 2022220 KB Whole School Letters Download
Year 1 Painshill Park letter 3rd May 2022275 KB General Documents Download
Think Pink Day letter 3rd May 2022231 KB Whole School Letters Download
Annual Wellbeing Day letter 22nd April 2022262 KB Whole School Letters Download
Reception Cafe 21st April 2022228 KB Reception Letters Download
01.04.22 Danetree Digest Newsletter 1st April 202246 MB Whole School Letters Download
Reception - Open Classroom Reading 31st March 2022215 KB Reception Letters Download
Year 2 SATs letter 25th March 2022239 KB Year 2 Letters Download
Superhero Training Afternoon 21st March 2022236 KB Year 1 Letters Download
Year 4 Regorganisation letter 18th March 2022245 KB Year 4 Letters Download
Year 1 Reorganisation letter 18th March 2022226 KB Year 1 Letters Download
Summer Term 2022 Clubs letter 18th March 2022255 KB Whole School Letters Download
15.03.22 Danetree Digest Newsletter 15th March 202256 MB Whole School Letters Download
COVID Update to families 28.02.2022 14th March 2022139 KB General Documents Download
Story & Rhyme Time letter 11th March 2022247 KB Nursery Letters Download
GLF Schools Foundation 10th February 2022211 KB General Documents Download
Year R Let It Grow 10th February 2022214 KB Reception Letters Download
Nursery Spring on the Farm 10th February 2022210 KB Nursery Letters Download
10.02.22 Danetree Digest Newsletter 10th February 202239 MB General Documents Download
Year 6 Osmington Bay letter 10th February 2022233 KB Year 6 Letters Download
Year 6 SATs Workshop letter 2nd February 2022220 KB Year 6 Letters Download
Year 2 SAT's Workshop letter 31st January 2022233 KB Year 2 Letters Download
Road Safety letter 24th January 2022307 KB Whole School Letters Download
Year 4 Recorder letter 10th January 2022248 KB Year 4 Letters Download
Year 6 PGL Osmington Bay Residential letter 13th October 2021235 KB Year 6 Letters Download
Danetree Draw letter 30th September 2021115 KB Whole School Letters Download
Class assemblies letter 17th September 2021260 KB Whole School Letters Download
Reading Engagement Book spines 23rd April 20217 MB General Documents Download
Determined Admissions Arrangements 2022 17th March 2021369 KB Policy Documents Download
Attendance letter 9th October 2020272 KB Whole School Letters Download
Improving Safety in School letter 17th January 2020340 KB Whole School Letters Download
Danetree Primary School Ofsted Report 20th March 2019338 KB Whole School Letters Download