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Danetree pupils become small screen film stars

Never mind Oscar nominations, pupils at Danetree have received their own form of red carpet treatment this term after becoming the stars of the school’s promotional video.

Danetree, a member of the GLF Schools multi-academy trust, has undergone something of a transformation this academic year, with the addition of an extra reception class and opening a new nursery.

At an open evening in the autumn term, staff realised that rather than overburden parents with too many facts about the school, the best way to get the message across was in the words of its pupils. This inspired them to make a promotional film, which can now be watched on the school website.

“No-one knows what precisely life is like at the school better than the children, so why not let them explain it?,” said Danetree’s public relations officer Katie Sullivan, who shot the film which was edited by other staff members.

“James Broad, the headteacher, asked me to film children of different ages saying what was their favourite thing about the school, and we got a great selection of answers which reveals a lot about their experiences in the school and how they feel about the place.”

As well as being accessible on the school website, the film is now also shown on open days, and Mrs Sullivan said it was definitely having the desired effect.

“The feedback has been great - we think it’s a unique selling point, and makes parents remember Danetree when they come away from the school. And I can honestly say that all the words are the children’s own, none of it was scripted in any way – but they’re saying just the kind of things we would have liked them to say, which is great news for us!”.

You can watch the film here.