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Turning blue for a good reason

Pupilsl turned various shades of blue in class - but there was no need to panic as they were just helping to raise awareness of a serious issue.

Our school joined a #wearblueday campaign in support of anti-bullying week which is a national event to highlight the issue and encourages children to ‘Stand up to Bullying’

Members of our own Pupil Parliament group helped to organise the event and were also responsible for teaching some of the anti-bullying lessons throughout the day.

“The wear blue day was a great way of rounding-off a week discussing various aspects of bullying and the best way to deal with any incidents. Alongside the serious nature of the subject, the blue day gave pupils the chance to do something less formal as a way of enhancing their learning,” said Year 4 lead Miss Charlotte Bowden.

Throughout the week ending Friday, November 9, pupils took part in specific assemblies and dedicated lessons on the nature of bullying and how to deal with it. Pupils also took part in a poster competition on the anti-bullying theme.

Supporting charity continues at the school this week when pupils will be invited to arrive on Friday for a Mufti Day to raise money for the BBC’s Children in Need Appeal. Children will be encouraged to wear spotty clothing and to take part in a competition to guess the number of sweets in a jar.