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Danetree is Outstanding!

Danetree is top of the tree after outstanding Ofsted review

We’ve all got that top of the class feeling here at Danetree after we were rated outstanding in all categories after our most recent Ofsted inspection.

The inspection took place at the end of February and in each of the six categories judged – early years provision, pupil outcomes, personal development, teaching quality, leadership and management, and overall effectiveness - we scored the highest mark possible.

“As you can imagine, we are absolutely thrilled by this news,” said our head, Bethan Smith. “Everyone at the school does all they can to make it the most positive, happy and encouraging learning environment possible, and to create the best atmosphere for the children, so to have people who don’t know the school come in, observe and come to these conclusions is an amazing vote of confidence.”

Danetree has 720 pupils in ages ranging from two to 11 ,and since 2012 has been part of the GLF Schools Trust, an organisation that manages and runs more than 30 schools across the south east of England, from new-build primary schools to long established secondaries.

In our previous Ofsted inspection, in 2014, Danetree Junior School, as it was then, was rated as good, but that status has risen to outstanding after the latest check-up. We converted to being a primary school in September 2016, and pupil numbers have grown significantly in recent years.

Standout comments from a glowing inspectors’ report included observations that “pupils love coming to this school and cannot wait to begin their learning” and that head teacher Bethan Smith provided “exceptional leadership.”

Pupils were described as feeling “very safe” and “well supported” at school, with their behaviour noted as being “impeccable.”

Disadvantaged pupils and those with special educational needs make “excellent progress, catching up rapidly with their peers” and physical education “has made a positive difference to pupils’ health and well-being.”

In addition to their own observations of teaching, the inspectors took into account comments from parents, gathered in person and through a questionnaire, as well as opinions from staff, before delivering their outstanding verdict.

“With the Easter holidays coming up soon, this has really given the whole school a big lift for the remaining weeks of this term,” Bethan continued. “This outstanding verdict is testament to just how well things can go when everyone gets behind an idea and works together as a team. 

"Everyone associated with the school, as a staff member, a pupil or a parent or carer, should feel that they have contributed towards this, and feel very proud.”