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National champion - well done Miss Knight

One of our teachers has been making national headlines recently, thanks to her amazing achievements in the athletics arena.

Jessie Knight, who teaches Year Six, featured in the news both nationally and locally after two wonderful February weekends in Glasgow where, running 400 metres, she achieved a personal best, a stadium record and was awarded the BBC Performance of the Day before taking a national title the following week.

She even gave her class here a shout-out when being interviewed over the weekend of February 15 and 16, while she was competing in the Indoor Grand Prix Athletics competition.

She stunned the world of athletics by dominating the race and controlling the field from150 metres onwards. She clocked an outstanding 51:57 in the 400m, beating four world finalists in the attempt and taking third spot in the global places this year. 

A remarkable result considering three years ago she all but gave up athletics when she came to the teaching profession - and the fact her main sport is the 400m hurdles.

When she was interviewed by Epsom Guardian, in between her Glasgow successes she said that he hoped her achievements inspired pupils here because “the school has changed my life!”

Before heading back to Glasgow for another successful weekend, Jessie told World Athletics how ‘star struck’ she had been about her fellow-competitors, before going on to beat them.


Before taking the national title in style, she said her aim had been to qualify for the European Championships in Paris, but now she has also set her sights on Tokyo and this year’s Olympics later in the summer.


According to national paper The Telegraph, she could be competing in the 400m hurdles and the 4x400 in Japan.


Speaking to Athletics Weekly she said a ‘change in expectations’ on her future race strategy may have to change as a result of her successes. She even made the cover of the popular sports magazine.

After her second successful weekend she told British Athletics how proud she was to be able to take a gold medal back to school for her class


The sport’s Diamond League organisation took to social media to congratulate Jessie using a great picture of her first weekend’s success.


Everyone at Danetree and the GLF is incredibly proud of Jessie and all of her achievements while being a full-time teacher with us. We look forward to celebrating more success with her in the future.