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Danetree Primary School Staff List (as of March 2017)

Broad Mr J Headteacher  
Singleton Mrs J Deputy Headteacher (Maternity Leave)  
Hopkins Mr R Assistant Headteacher  
Maynard Mrs H Business Manager  
Agarwal Mrs S Learning Assistant  
Allen Mrs R Reception Teacher  
Arnold Miss S Reception Teacher  
Attewell Miss K Nursery Assistant  
Badger Mrs P Learning Assistant  
Beattie Mrs C PPA Cover Supervisor  
Beesley Miss E Attendance, Admissions & Nursery Officer  
Bignell Mrs J Reception Teacher  
Bowden Miss C Teacher, Year 4  
Bailey Mrs C Teacher  
Bullock Miss E Teacher, Year 3  
Clement Mrs R EYFS Leader  
Chaffe Mrs O Teacher, Year 6  
Collier Mrs K Headteacher's PA and Office Manager  
Collins Mrs K Teacher, Year 6  
Cook Mrs B Learning Assistant  
Coslett Mr D Learning Assistant  
Crane Mrs A Learning Assistant  
Cudd Miss L Teacher, Year 3  
Dalchow Mrs A Teacher, Year 6  
Davis Miss L Schools Direct Trainee  
Dibble Mrs A PPA Cover Supervisor  
Dowler Mrs E Teacher, Year 5  
Drake Miss L Teacher, Year 3  
Eacott Miss D Learning Assistant  
Edmonds Mrs L Learning Assistant  
Ellis-Barrett Mrs L Learning Assistant  
Feek Ms C Nursery Practitioner  
Foster Mrs E Learning Assistant  
Griggs Miss S Learning Assistant  
Hammond Mrs J Teacher, Year 3, Lead Practitioner  
Hickey Miss L Learning Assistant  
Hopkins Mr R Teacher, Year 4, Assistant Headteacher  
Hunter Mrs D Teacher, Year 4  
Hunt Mrs L Learning Assistant  
Jewell Mrs J Administration Assistant  
Jones Mrs H Finance Assistant  
Knight Miss J Schools Direct Trainee  
Kirk Mrs S Administration Assistant to the SENCO  
Lackey Mr D Premises Manager  
Lawson Mrs A Administration Assistant  
Le Romancer Mrs A Schools Direct Trainee  
Maslen Miss L Teacher, Year 4  
Marvell Mrs C Learning Assistant  
Mayes Mrs S Lead Practitioner (Maternity Leave)  
McDonald Miss E SENCO  
Mundy Mr J Learning Assistant  
Newman Mrs H Schools Direct Trainee  
Norman Mr D Learning Assistant  
Owens Mrs H Pastoral Leader  
Patel Mrs K Teacher, Year 3, Director of Studies  
Planson Mrs R Learning Support Assistant  
Plant Mrs H Teacher, Year 6  
Ransom  Mrs B Learning Mentor  
Rawlins Mrs S Enrichment Teacher  
Richards Mrs E Teacher, Year 4, Assistant Headteacher  
Richmond Miss C Teacher, Year 3  
Rinaldi Miss K Nursery Assistant  
Roberts Mrs H Isolated Provision Mentor  
Scarth Mrs S Nursery Teacher  
Shephard Mrs C Principal Learning Assistant, EAL  
Shepherd Mrs J Schools Direct Trainee  
Skinner Miss E Learning Assistant  
Shires Miss F Teacher, Year 5  
Silverton Miss N Nursery Practitioner  
Sullivan Mrs K HR and Public Relations Officer (Maternity Leave)  
Sutton Miss T Learning Assistant  
Tribe Mrs S Learning Mentor  
Warnett Mrs L Adminstrative Assistant  
Waters Mrs L Learning Assistant  
Welch Mrs L Learning Assistant  
Whitehouse Mrs A Principal Learning Assistant  
Whitty Mrs L Teacher, Year 5, Leader of Literacy  
Wray Miss A Teacher, Year 5